meus workshops

March 2018

  • Business Constellations

    21st to 23rd March 2018


    This workshop serves as an introduction to the practices of Coaching Constellations and Organisational Constellations. We will be exploring the systemic principles that enable and constrain leaders and that support or thwart organisational flourishing; learning the stages of a constellation; considering applications in 1-2-1 and group settings; and learning constellations exercises that can be easily integrated in to everyday coaching and professional practice. This will be a highly experiential and practical workshop, where we will explore ‘live’ personal and professional issues brought by you as participants.

    This workshop will be presented in English with French translation. Places are limited so early application is advised.

    LKB Associates in partnership with Meus

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April 2018

  • Constellations 'Personal Issues' Workshop

    12th to 13th April 2018


    This workshop provides an important opportunity for anyone interested in coaching and organisational constellations, to do their own personal work. Over 2 days, we will have time to do approximately 8 – 10 constellations on issues that present themselves. These might include issues with relationships; with work and career purpose or direction; with money; with important life choices and decisions; issues with feeling stuck and ambivalent; supervision issues relating to clients, colleagues and associates; difficult team dynamics; on important project start-ups; on helping your business to thrive; and on seeking solutions to a variety of personal or professional difficulties.

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June 2018

  • The Constellator's 'Stance'

    7th to 8th June 2018


    This workshop helps develop the optimal orientation that enables us to facilitate a constellation. When we are learning to constellate, at first we pay great attention to developing skills and technique. Yet when we look beyond our usual ways of considering skills as learned capabilities, to the more demanding orientation of stilling our mind, taking in the whole situation and listening to our inner voice, we see that a crucial element of the ‘success’ of a constellation is our stance as a constellator. A stance is a posture, an embodied way of relating, and of comporting ourselves dynamically in a situation. Through developing our skills and stance, our own signature style can emerge and we can be better supported in our alignment to the relational field with our client. Bert Hellinger described ‘love’ in practical terms as ‘seeing + distance – judgment’, and this formula defines the essence of our stance as constellators.

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October 2018

  • Money Constellations

    11th to 12th October 2018


    Sometimes the place where we feel most difficulty in our lives is in relation to our finances. Without a mature relationship with money, we limit our ability to give, to hold and to receive. This workshop provides an opportunity to explore the hidden dynamics that might be affecting your relationship with money and to financial success in your life - personally and through your business. There will be opportunities for personal enquiry into your relationship with money, using family and organisational constellations; as well as teaching inputs and exercises that will enable you to clarify areas of difficulty, entanglement and lack of flow regarding money.

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