developing people

Welcome to Meus. We create and deliver learning experiences that help people reach their potential and master change.

Meus specialises in developing people. We use leading-edge, creative and collaborative approaches to unleash the talent of individuals and teams. We bring purpose, performance and possibility alive.

We are called “meus” for a very good reason! Central to how we work is to focus on both personal and collective outcomes; to achieve results that are for me as well as for us.

In this sense, we describe our work as “relational.” This means that we focus on developing self-awareness along with awareness of our impact on others; and we pay attention to the more-than-human world of environmental and social systems that support us.

Through our coaching, consulting, workshops and retreats we help people make changes that matter deeply, both at work and in personal life.

We combine individual and group experiences with interactive technology (including film) to ensure personal development and organisational transformation. We bring tools, skills, methodologies and approaches from a variety of sources, but the real magic of what we do lies in the ways we work with people to engage, inform, inspire, innovate and learn together.

latest blog posts

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    Not all concepts can be used instrumentally, like techniques. Rather than pushing ourselves to ‘do’ something with them, perhaps we can let them sit in our awareness in ways...

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    Last week, in a quiet café, I witnessed two intelligent people shouting at each other over a latte. Neither seemed once to listen to the other, in their twenty-minute heated exchange. I speculated...

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    When she told me that, “Our coaches are hired to help us maximise the efficiency of our workforce,” I lost all interest in the prospective new client and walked away from the pitch.

    At its...

next meus events

  • Coaching Constellations 'Accelerator' Programme


    29th to 31st March 2017

    For those coaches who are relatively new to Constellations, the issue of how to quickly get ‘up and running’ with this remarkable approach is paramount. This 3-day ‘accelerator’ programme is designed specifically to enable coaches to rapidly integrate Constellations principles and practices in to their regular client work, through extensive use of 1-2-1 applications (‘desktop’ and ‘floorspace’ constellations) which simulate most closely a coach’s standard client work configuration. Participants will also gain fresh insight in to their own patterns of relating as coaches, and their own blindspots with clients.

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  • Introducing Coaching Constellations


    25th to 26th April 2017

    This workshop serves as an introduction to the practice of Coaching Constellations. We will be exploring the practice of Constellations in 1-2-1 and team coaching contexts: we will learn the systemic principles that support or thwart leaders and teams and constrain or enable organisational flourishing; identify the stages of a constellation; and learn constellations exercises that can be easily integrated in to everyday coaching and professional practice. This will be a highly experiential and practical workshop, where we will explore ‘live’ personal and professional issues brought by you as participants. As well as having demonstrations of Constellations and teaching about this innovative approach, you will have the opportunity to undertake mini-Constellations in small groups, and explore 1-2-1 coaching applications.

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