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Welcome to meus. We create and deliver innovative approaches to leadership, team and organisational development.

Meus specialises in developing people. We use leading-edge, creative and collaborative approaches to unleash the talent of individuals and teams. We bring purpose, performance and possibility alive.

We are called “meus” for a very good reason! Central to how we work is to focus on both personal and collective outcomes; to achieve results that are for me as well as for us.

In this sense, we describe our work as “relational.” This means that we focus on developing self-awareness along with awareness of our impact on others; and we pay attention to the more-than-human world of environmental and social systems that support us.

Through our coaching, consulting, workshops and retreats we help people make changes that matter deeply, both at work and in personal life.

We combine individual and group experiences with interactive technology (including film) to ensure personal development and organisational transformation. We bring tools, skills, methodologies and approaches from a variety of sources, but the real magic of what we do lies in the ways we work with people to engage, inform, inspire, innovate and learn together.

latest blog posts

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next meus events

  • Coaching & Clay - A Creative Encounter!


    1st to 1st May 2019

    You can’t get a more down-to-earth, basic raw material than clay! It is fundamental to life on earth, both in its elemental simplicity and in its advanced technological applications. It is extraordinarily versatile, and in our increasingly digital and virtual working environments, it’s haptic qualities can help us to get in touch with and open up to the essence of things. Getting our hands dirty during the workshop, in a sustained encounter with this ubiquitous material, will help us to feel our way to new forms of understanding of ourselves as coaches and of our connection to the client relationship. ‘Thinking through making’ creates possibilities for breakthrough and for new gestalts to take shape. As well as using clay as a medium of enquiry, we shall be making use of film in this workshop, to support our creative and reflective process. The tangible nature of this emergent process with clay and film, supports participation and shared discovery.

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  • Systemic Team Coaching with Constellations


    19th to 20th June 2019

    Professional coaching accreditation bodies predict an explosion of interest in team coaching in the next few years. At the same time, there is a growing interest in both Systemic Coaching approaches, as well as in the application of the related but different discipline of Systemic Constellations to team learning and development. Yet combining these two disciplines to support team development requires different things of the coach: contracting to work with multiple teams over time; identifying at which level of the system to intervene; understanding when to work as a coach team rather than as an individual coach; and sensing when – if at all – to constellate. This 2-day workshop will introduce coaches to the theory, method and practice of Systemic Team Coaching with Constellations (STCC).

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