developing people

Welcome to Meus. We create and deliver learning experiences that help people reach their potential and master change.

Meus specialises in developing people. We use leading-edge, creative and collaborative approaches to unleash the talent of individuals and teams. We bring purpose, performance and possibility alive.

We are called “meus” for a very good reason! Central to how we work is to focus on both personal and collective outcomes; to achieve results that are for me as well as for us.

In this sense, we describe our work as “relational.” This means that we focus on developing self-awareness along with awareness of our impact on others; and we pay attention to the more-than-human world of environmental and social systems that support us.

Through our coaching, consulting, workshops and retreats we help people make changes that matter deeply, both at work and in personal life.

We combine individual and group experiences with interactive technology (including film) to ensure personal development and organisational transformation. We bring tools, skills, methodologies and approaches from a variety of sources, but the real magic of what we do lies in the ways we work with people to engage, inform, inspire, innovate and learn together.

latest blog posts

  • on calling a spade a spade

    I have come to see that those moments that most challenge my sense of ‘self’ often hold the most potential for change and growth. Such moments take me out of my comfort zone, and so face me with a...

  • The inner meaning of money

    Most of us feel deficient in making, managing and growing money, and yet we do not understand how to change our relationship with it.

    Although economically, money is simply a medium of...

  • Playing badly well

    One of my colleagues did a quick workshop warm-up exercise with a group of managers recently. Working in pairs, group members had to ‘mirror’ a sequence of each other’s movements, which became...

next meus events

  • Coaching & Organisational Constellations Advanced Practitioner Group


    15th to 16th January 2018

    This is the launch of a new study group, for those with some previous knowledge and experience of Coaching Constellations and Organisational Constellations, who wish to deepen their hands-on practical facilitation skills under close supervision and with peer-feedback and discussion. This Constellations PALS (Practice and Learning) Group promises to significantly enhance your ability to make embodied, systemic interventions in your coaching, consulting, facilitation, teaching and management practices. Structured in 3 x 2-day modules over 2018, the learning approach will be guided by your specific needs as a participant - so we can 'bespoke' inputs and teaching points to your specific needs as practitioners.

    More information and booking
  • SparkCatcher - a peer development group for exploring & evolving your practice

    Ambleside, Lake District

    5th to 6th March 2018

    This group provides an opportunity for deep-level personal and professional development and professional supervision; it is a direct invitation to immerse yourself in a transformational space with like-minded people, where the baseline expectation will be for you to:

    • Explore, engage and evolve your professional practice
    • Connect to and participant with your whole self
    • Resonate with a passion for life and for your work
    • Dare to be everything that you are
    • Sense the human implications of what we do at every level of society

    Above all else, the group is intended to be a springboard to practical and immediate application of techniques, but also to help you go beyond technique and liberate your practice more confidently, through your presence.

    More information and booking