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Welcome to meus. We create and deliver innovative approaches to leadership, team and organisational development.

Meus specialises in developing people. We use leading-edge, creative and collaborative approaches to unleash the talent of individuals and teams. We bring purpose, performance and possibility alive.

We are called “meus” for a very good reason! Central to how we work is to focus on both personal and collective outcomes; to achieve results that are for me as well as for us.

In this sense, we describe our work as “relational.” This means that we focus on developing self-awareness along with awareness of our impact on others; and we pay attention to the more-than-human world of environmental and social systems that support us.

Through our coaching, consulting, workshops and retreats we help people make changes that matter deeply, both at work and in personal life.

We combine individual and group experiences with interactive technology (including film) to ensure personal development and organisational transformation. We bring tools, skills, methodologies and approaches from a variety of sources, but the real magic of what we do lies in the ways we work with people to engage, inform, inspire, innovate and learn together.

latest blog posts

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  • Storytelling & Transformation

    The language we use in corporate life is often too impoverished for the purpose we expect it to fulfil. We cannot assume that technical language will engage, inspire and transform, yet I believe...

next meus events

  • Mastering Coaching Constellations

    11th to 3rd December 2019

    Do you need to integrate Systemic Constellations Work more seamlessly in to your coaching, consulting and OD practice? This Masterclass series promises to significantly enhance your ability to make embodied, systemic interventions in your coaching, consulting, facilitation and management practices. Structured in 3 x 2-day modules over 2019, this year we will have a dual focus on ‘outer’ organisational work (including an exploration of the themes of Leadership Purpose; Conflict; and Ambition) and ‘inner’ personal work (centred around an exploration of the primary emotions of Rage and Passion). A focus on your own inner journey as a coach or other organisational practitioner is a central feature of the programme, which also combines family constellations work with Barbara Morgan as a guest constellator on the second module. An openness to exploring your own life-themes and a commitment to working compassionately with yourself and with others is a pre-requisite for participation in this programme, as we will be looking beyond the important levels of technique and skill.

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  • Plus loin et plus profondément dans les Constellations d’Entreprise


    18th to 20th February 2019

    Ce programme de trois jours pour les coachs, les consultants et autres personnes engagées dans le changement organisationnel s'adresse aux participants ayant déjà pris part aux ateliers d'introduction aux Constellations d'Entreprise organisés à Paris en novembre 2017 et en mars 2018. Il se fonde sur les éléments abordés lors du séminaire d’introduction et s’applique à développer une compréhension pratique et profonde des Constellations d’Entreprise. Cette approche systémique et innovante aide les praticiens à mettre en place des interventions susceptibles de produire un impact important et transformateur sur les difficultés rencontrées par les clientèles d’entreprises publiques et familiales.

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